Krisztina's Official Contests Results from 1998-2007:
1998 IFBB. Hungarian ch. 4-th. place
1998 MuscleMania International ch. 2-nd. place
1998 IFBB. Hungarian cup. 1-st. place
1999 IFBB. Hungarian ch. 2-nd. place
1999 IFBB. Austrian International ch. 1-st. place
1999 IFBB. Burizer cup. 1-st. place
1999 IFBB. Hungarian cup. 1-st. place
2000 IFBB. Slovakian International ch. 3-th. place
2000 IFBB. HPLBF. Burizer cup. 3-th. place
2001 IFBB. ProFitnessEuropean Cup. 8-th place
2003 WABBA European ch 6-th place
2004 WABBA European ch 1-th place
2006 WABBA World ch 3-rd place
2006 NAC Fitness Universum 3rd place
2007 NAC Fitness World Championship 1-th place - winner-

In july 2003 my dream come true :) I got the cover of Playboy as a fitness star!
Iím the first fitness champion ever who got the cover of Playboy magazine worldwide!

Plus I was published in many international fitness magazines like: MuscleMag, Oxygene, Le Monde du Muscle, Muscular development, Pum & Flex etc.

End of 2006 I back to compete again: First contest was WABBA World Championship in Athen, were I finished on the 3'rd place. In 2006 Germany was the NAC Fitness Miss Universum where i was finished on the 3'rd place.

In 2007 summer in Belgium, Egheeze I won my first World Title in the NAC Fitness World Championship!

From 2007 I still workout in every day, keeping my body in best shape for everyday photoshooting and videoshooting. 2007-2011 many more magazine covers, website featuring, and tv shows we made....I'm hard, strong and kick asses if I don't like something :)stats: Boobs: 40 F-Cup Eye: Green Tall: 5,9 Weight: 140 lbs - Body type: Athletic, Long legs, Hard Round Ass, Big Boobs!

thanks for read my bio :)




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